David Williams and Doug Wregg on natural wine and wine writing

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Today’s blog post will be about other people’s wine writing. I’m going to provide links to two rather good articles, written by people who I suspect are rather smarter and better than I am. They are also two of the people who I admire the most in the wine world.

The first is by David Williams, and it’s an article I’ve tried to write in the past, but David has done it better than me. It’s on why some people get so cross about natural wine. I attempted to cover this topic recently in a humorous tone, but David has pretty much got it right. He is, in addition to being a very good writer, a totally nice person. I have toured with him a few times, so I have to be super nice to him, because he has enough ammunition to sink me!

The second is by Doug Wregg of Les Caves de Pyrene. It’s titled The Accidental Death of the Winewriter, and Doug classifies modern wine writing into several categories, most of which you don’t want to be in. I felt slightly insecure reading it: am I one of the key offenders? But then, at the end, he lists some winewriters who aren’t totally evil, and I made the cut. I breathed a sigh of relief.

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