In Franschhoek, day 3


So, my third day in the paradise that is the Franschhoek valley. I began at La Bri, with Irene Waller (above), who has been making wine here for a while. It’s a lovely spot, and the wines are really good. Viognier impressed, as did the superb 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Limited Release. There’s a lovely freshness to her wines.


It was another gorgeous day. Irene also showed me her debut MCC, which is pretty serious.




Then it was off to see DP Burger at Glenwood. DP has been here for 25 years, man and boy, and planted the vines here originally – it was his first job out of Elsenberg.


Chardonnay is his thing, and the wines here are rich, generous, but balanced.


He took me up to the top of the hill. It was a scary ride, and very bumpy, but the views were worth it.



Then, in the evening, we had a technical tasting with around 20 winemakers. I had chosen the wines – 16 of them – a mixture of local and international, around the theme Rhone -style Syrah. It was a super-interesting tasting, helped by the fact we did it blind. DP cooked some snook that he’d caught over the weekend. The night went on, and it ended up a 3 am special at a pub in town.




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  • Geoff Bolton

    Jamie, i enjoy your blogs but please can you avoid the use of ‘So’ at the start of paragraphs. It’s not needed.

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