A Portuguese dinner, with tripo and knuckles

Had a great dinner last night with the crew from Vinideas, the other speakers from the conference, and Joao Brito e Cunha (winemaker with Churchill, his family property Sao Jose and his brand Azeo).

Peter Godden is pictured above drinking some pink Port with a slice of orange in it. After this we moved onto some good wines, including the lovely Sao Jose 2008 from Joao and a bevy of wines from Vallado.

A couple of the dishes were a bit odd. One was some tripo (tripe), which I didn’t really warm to, and another was cow knuckles (pictured above), which looked rank but tasted good.

We finished with the Quinta da Costa Vintage Port 2007 which was just brilliant – really serious stuff with lovely firm structure and vibrant fruit. We didn’t get to bed until very late.

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