A brief trip to Hungary

Just on my way home for a brief trip to Eger, in Hungary. I was attending a meeting organized by agrochemical company BASF for some of their most important (viticulture) customers in Hungary.

I left at some unearthly hour from Heathrow yesterday, arriving in Eger by lunchtime. The meeting room was incredibly flash, with multiple screens and amazing audiovisual equipment. My job was to do a presentation on the prospects for Hungarian wines in European export markets, with special reference to the UK. It was a bit controversial, and prompted quite a bit of discussion, which I suppose is a good thing.

My presentation was displayed on the in  Hungarian and a professional translator was doing simultaneous translation for myself and the other English language presenter, BASF’s Dr Randall Gold. The room was packed, and as well as the more formal talks, the participants played an interactive quiz using networked laptops spread throughout the room. Then it was time for dinner and a show by some very clever conceptual dancers, as well as an informal wine tasting. Of the 40 or so wines, I think I tasted most of them, missing part of dinner in the process.

I was just keen to experience more Hungarian wine. We don’t see an awful lot of it in the UK, and what we do see largely falls into two camps: very cheap supermarket wines, and Tokaji Aszu (the famous sweet wine). Recently, though, I’ve tried a substantial selection of mid/upper priced Hungarian wines imported by Cozzi and Jenkins (a write up is planned soon).

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