Time for some Provence rose

So we skipped straight from winter into summer. Here in the UK, spring was a no-show. It got bumped.

For the last two days we’ve been enjoying temperatures in the high 20s. Very nice.

It’s time to get out the rose. Pink wines are a bit of a strange category for wine geeks. They are what I term functional wines: they do a job.

They are rarely serious, but they are often enjoyable. I opened three tonight: all very good, and all from Provence. I like Provence rose because it is understated, textural and often a bit mineral. It has a savoury edge. It has moderate acidity.

The Minuty Cotes de Provence ‘M’ 2011 is £12.95 from Roberson, the Berne Grande Recolte Rose 2010 is £9.99 from Majestic and the Whispering Angel 2001 from Caves d’Esclans is £15 from The Sampler and Roberson. The latter wine is from a producer trying to take rose very seriously. All three are delicious.

2 comments to Time for some Provence rose

  • Right time for rose wine!
    What are top rose wines from France?

  • Hi Jamie

    I was wondering the best way to get my rosé in front of you each year. Last year I used Emma Wellings PR but sadly I can’t afford to that each year. Should I send my wine directly to you for review (and would you like to try my 2011)?


    Kind regards, Stephen

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