Clos de la Coulee de Serrant 2009, a controversial wine

This is a controversial wine. It’s from biodynamic high-priest Nicolas Joly, who in Clos de la Coulee de Serrant possesses what is universally acknowledged as a special terroir. It’s just that lots of people don’t like the wine he makes, with some claiming oxidation, and others objecting to the 15+% alcohol levels.

I happen to love his wines, but I can see why others have problems with them. This 2009 is a cracker, but it is pretty alcoholic (15.5% alcohol). But then I’ve just been drinking some Vintage Port over the last few days and that’s 20% alcohol.

Clos de la Coulee de Serrant 2009 Savennieres, Loire, France
Crazily wonderful stuff, with an exotic nose of ripe melons, herbs, baked apples and herbs, as well as some waxy notes. The palate is concentrated and rich with ripe apple, spice, apricot, honey and lemons, as well as a bit of grippy structure. It’s dry, but the alcohol gives a sweet taste. Complex and utterly delicious, a remarkable wine, but not to everyone’s taste. 95/100

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  • He does produce a few duffers, but the wine world is a better place for having him and his vineyards’ wines in it. I can still remember the fantastic 2002 Coulée I drank a few years back. mmmmmm Chenin!

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