Apremont: a fresh mountain white

This is nice, uncomplicated drinking. Quite delicious actually.

Pierre Boniface Les Rocialles Apremont 2009 Vin de Savoie, France
11.5% alcohol. Made from the Jacquere grape, this is a very fresh, light white wine with a delicate minerality – it’s a bit like licking a stone. It’s not excessively fruity, with a touch of lemon, but it’s really nice and pure. I really like it for its subtlety and freshness. 88/100 (UK agent Stevens Garnier)

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6 comments to Apremont: a fresh mountain white

  • TommyB

    No way! I drank this and made my notes not 2 days ago! (By the way Waitrose stock it for a tenner). Jamie, did it remind you of a Vinho Verde? It did me, and I’m pleased to see my notes weren’t too disimilar to yours (I must know what I’m talking about then)…

  • Thanks for that Tommy – very useful

  • Steve

    I’m sure Waitrose were selling off a previous vintage for a couple of quid last year, but I’m not a note taker so I can’t be certain. It was definitely an Apremont of some sort. The description sounds pretty close- light and lemon-y.

  • ED

    I discovered this wine by accident while skiing at Mont Chamrousse. While visiting a local store they were handing out samples. It’s funny how hard it is to find in Paris. We are living in Paris for 2yrs. But luckly the local grocery store carries it at a great price. My wife loves it.

  • William Blyth

    If you like this Apremont try the one in Nicolas Wines

  • Mike Ince

    I live in the Uk and I’m trying to source a Savoie white wine called Apremont from local sources in Surrey, or the South East without success.
    Any suggestions please.


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