Thornbridge Jaipur, a wonderful beer

Love this beer. It’s Thornbridge’s Jaipur, an IPA that has a LOT of hops, but avoids just being showy, with lovely citrussy freshness and precise acidity. It’s quite bitter, but the bitterness works in the context of the super-fresh fruity flavours. A lovely post-football (playing not watching) beer.

In the UK, this is stocked by Waitrose for £2.39 a bottle (500 cl).

1 comment to Thornbridge Jaipur, a wonderful beer

  • I love this iPa on draught or bottle it has just the right flavour for me with plenty of bitterness and a subtle sweetness and a good strength like a proper iPa should have absolutely brilliant ..Purchased on draft at weather spoons in Sutton Coldfield it costs over £3 and purchased at M n S in Sutton Coldfield in bottle just below £3 well worth it great with curries keep up the good work

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