Beers from Thornbridge

Thornbridge beers

Delighted to find three beers from Bakewell-based brewery Thornbridge in Waitrose today. They’re all brilliant.

First up, Thornbridge Jaipur India Pale Ale. It’s aromatic, spicy and hoppy with a hint of malty sweetness and complex, concentrated flavours of citrus, herb, spice and bitter hops. 8.5/10

Next, Thornbridge Kipling South Pacific Pale Ale. It’s made with Nelson Sauvin hops, which gives it amazing passionfruit and herb aromas, with a fresh, citrussy palate and nice balance. 8.5/10

Finally, the Wild Swan White Gold Pale Ale. Paler in colour, and just 3.5% alcohol, this is a brilliantly refreshing citrussy, hoppy ale with real presence. 8/10

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