New wines from Jacob's Creek

jacobs creek moscato

I’ve just written up a tasting through the Jacob’s Creek range, including some older bottles.

Of particular interest, but perhaps more to the trade than to the majority of readers here, is the fact that Jacob’s Creek have recently launched two new lines.

One is their four Moscatos. Now Moscato is huge in the USA, it’s really popular in Australia, yet it doesn’t yet feature in the UK. Experts predict that it will be the next big thing here. Slightly sweet, fruity, and lower in alcohol, it’s quite delicious and fresh, and hard not to like. An ideal bridge wine to bring new drinkers to wine.

In addition, Jacob’s Creek are launching a range called Cool Harvest. It consists of three very fresh wines with naturally lower alcohol levels, aimed at satisfying modern drinking trends, and specifically at women.

I don’t think these are wines for wine geeks, but I do think they are great products for the average wine drinker. I also hope that this trend to drinking fresher, brighter, lighter wines will feed up the drinking chain to the high end, with drinkers seeking more elegance, freshness and definition from fine wines. These tend to be the style of wines that express terroir the best, and terroir is what makes fine wine interesting.

Tesco are selling a mixed case of the Cool Harvest wines at a price that works out as £6 per bottle.

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  • Giles

    A very interesting review. I had the Reserve Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir last weekend (it may have been 2011 rather than 2010) and I thought it was awful – green-edged, unbalanced and sour; miles away from what people like Nepenthe and d’Arenberg do with Adelaide Hills pinot.

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