Evoi The Satyr, a serious Margaret River red

evoi the satyr

This is a serious Bordeaux-style red from a small producer in Margaret River. ‘Evoi’ is, apparently, the ecstatic scream of joy uttered by the Maenads, who were the female followers of Bacchus. The producer website is here.

Evoi The Satyr 2009 Margaret River, Australia
14% alcohol. Intense aromatic nose of blackberry, spice, olives, some meaty notes and hints of tar. The palate shows lovely combination of sweet dark fruits with savoury, gravelly, tarry notes. Fine and expressive with lots of potential for development. Still primary and intense. 92/100

UK availability: £30 from Auswineonline.co.uk

2 comments to Evoi The Satyr, a serious Margaret River red

  • Ed

    Be useful to taste more Australian wines at alleged “maturity” that is when I find they generally disappoint.

  • Steve Connolly

    Another spelling of the same cry of bacchic frenzy is Euoi which is a useful Scrabble word when you have a lot of vowels.

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