BK Wines One Ball Chardonnay 2015 Adelaide Hills, Australia


This is was my drinking on Sunday night. I arrived in Adelaide late Saturday, jet-lagged as hell, and promptly crashed, sleeping through until Sunday morning. Then I woke early, breakfasted, braved the gym, showered, and went out to wander the town, after first having registered for the technical conference that I’m attending this week.

On my wanderings, I cam across East End Cellars, which is a lovely wine shop and bar just off the far end of Rundle Street. It’s got a great selection of Aussie and foreign wines, and this is one of the bottles I bought.

BK Wines One Ball Chardonnay 2015 Adelaide Hills, Australia
12.8% alcohol. This comes from a vineyard in the Kenton Valley, and the name comes from the fact that the grower is missing a testicle. Taut citrus fruit core with lovely lemon and lime notes, as well as a hint of orange peel. There’s a little peachy richness hiding under the fresh, zippy citrus, with a little toast and nut character from the oak, but this is firmly relegated to the background. Finesse and precision are the keys to this wine: it’s not giving too much away right now, but there’s a lot of promise for the future. On the back label it says ‘please decant me’, and this is one of those white wines that could really do with decanting. A taut, fine expression of Aussie Chardonnay that demonstrates the potential of the Adelaide Hills to good effect. 93/100 (A$30 East End Cellars, in the UK this is £22.50 from SWIG, and the 2013 is available from Berry Bros & Rudd for £24.95)

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