A night in Colmar, Alsace

So last night we dined in Colmar with Foulques Aulagnon of the CIVA. The venue was L’Epicurean, and as it was a warm evening, we ate outside.

After a long day’s tasting, we needed beer. This came in the way of bottles from Brasserie Uberach, an Alsace brewer. La Klintz is a really refreshing wheat beer labelled as a blonde, and Doigt de Dieu is a deep amber ale with nicely sweet and savoury flavours.

So then we hit the wine. To match largely with white asparagus starter, a Muscat was chosen. It was the 2010 from Kuentz Bas, and showed really well.

This was followed up with the lovely 2010 Reserve Pinot Gris from Albert Boxler, which provided a lovely match with my rich prawns on a black noodle base with some ginger spice.

A treat was to follow: Zins Humbrecht Clos Windsbuhl Riesling 1999. Powerful, rich and crystalline.

It was a delicious foil to a lovely scallop dish.

Here’s a nice picture of the three boys on the trip:


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