jamie goodeThis is the blog of wine journalist Jamie Goode. That’s me.

I’ve been writing about wine for a while now, initially online, and then in magazines, newspapers (I have a weekly column in The Sunday Express, which I’ve been doing since 2005), and books (Wine Science, aka The Science of Wine, with a book on Natural Wine in preparation).

I also do lectures, presentations and tastings, and have appeared a few times on TV (Channel 4, BBC News, Sky News) which is great fun. And I judge wine competitions, too.

If you really want to know more, there’s an in-depth ‘about me’ section on the main wineanorak site, here

I’m very fortunate that I get to travel quite a bit, which gives me lots of material for this blog and for the main wineanorak.com site. Please feel free to nose around here a bit, and your comments are always welcomed.