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Friday, January 15, 2010

Hester is a life saver

My back was still terrible this morning, so I called my sister Hester, who is a physio. She came over, took one look at me, and announced with delight that she hadn't seen a prolapsed disc with lateral shift this bad since she worked in New York. And that was a decade ago. Oh goody. She says it is McKenzie Deviation 4. Nice to be able to name your pain.

She then proceeded to do some manipulations. They were quite physical. But this girl is a miracle worker. Immediately I was finding some relief. She also phoned the GP to ask him to prescribe some proper pain relief and some diazepam. I now feel much more hopeful than I did when I woke up.


At 11:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Goode, once your slipped disk is doing better, you should do something to strengthen your back. In 2007 I had a slipped disk which for 7 month caused me severe pain and problems; I felt like an old, sick man (I was 42 then) afraid to move. Then just by chance, I bought "MBT" shoes that have a special sole that is supposed to train various muscle groups in your back, stomach and legs that are otherwise not so easy to train. It helped me spectacularly; I could feel the effect on my muscles nearly immediately and three days later my pain started to decrease; after three weeks I was pain-free. (My doctor said this might have been a coincidence, as a slipped disc will stop hurting after 7 months or so, but I could so clearly feel the connection that I do not have any doubt it were the shoes that helped me). Go check out these shoes. (I have no connection whatsoever with the company that makes them, nor with anybody at all in the shoe business).

Greetings from a reader in Berlin

At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamie - you are a very lucky chap to have such an amazing sister - I hope that you gave her some very nice wine to say "thank you"!!!!

At 10:09 PM, Anonymous David Strange said...

Be careful with the Diazepam, old bean, like most benzodiazepines it is hellishly addictive. I hope your back soon recovers.

At 10:22 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

thanks david - noe the pain is going i'll stop using it - save it for next time this happens

i have some exercises that are really helping

gave sis her favourite - cloudy bay chard

At 12:21 PM, Anonymous David Strange said...

I hope the sister is pleased with her gift and I am glad you are in less pain now. Diazepam can really help as a muscle-relaxant, but (as I said) you don't want to rely on it too often.

Exercise is a good thing to strengthen the muscles in your back, but it can be hard to manage if you are in screaming agony. Being a quite tall chap I have had problems with my back and have found swimming to be a good, low-impact exercise.

A good friend of mine swears by the MBT shoes mentioned by your reader from Berlin. I have always been a bit sceptical that shoes could help one's back, but the reports about them seem relentlessly positive. Here is a link.

When my back is giving me minor grief I like to soak in a hot bath, ideally with a glass of good Madeira. It may provide only temporary relief, but easing the muscles whilst relaxing is a good excuse to have a glass of Madeira.

At 1:23 PM, Anonymous johnny said...


Don't get suckered by the MBT hype. You look silly enough already without putting on a pair of clown shoes. neck the diazepam and accept your disc damage is the result of bad posture, blogging and old age

get well soon



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