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Saturday, January 09, 2010

An incredible dessert cider!

OK, this isn't wine, but it deserves a mention here. It's a dessert cider, made by the innovative Simon Day of Once Upon a Tree in Herefordshire. Expensive, but worth it.

Dragon Orchard Cider Blenheim Orange 2008
9.5% alcohol. A dessert cider made by concentrating apple juice by freezing it, and then fermented over several months. Orange/gold colour. Sweet rich aromatics of apple and pear. The palate has lovely concentration with apricot and pear richness. Viscous with nice balance between the sweetness and the acidity. A brilliant effort, and truly unique. Hard to score, but on my ten-point beer and cider rating scale, it's certainly 9/10. (15.95 for 375 ml bottle, here)



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