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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some snow play, and a trip to buy wine

Our family has been pretty dysfunctional of late (long, long story), but we had a rare afternoon of family fun in the snow. We took RTL and a sledge over to Virginia Water, where there was still quite a bit of snow.

RTL had a great time. She goes crazy when she sees snow, running around in a state of crazed hysteria. We managed to find a good long sloping run and had some fun on the sledge. It was great.

Then, later this afternoon I visited Majestic Wine in Twickenham, to buy a few affordable but tasty bottles for the Christmas break. It was packed. There was no room in the car park. People were buying a lot of wine. But even though the staff were rushed off their feet, they were excellent. More than anything else, I think this contributes to Majestic's success.


At 12:07 AM, OpenID Richard said...

How on earth is there decent snow in Virginia Water and NONE here???!!

Very jealous!

Glad you had fun though...


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