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Friday, December 18, 2009

It's freezing, so wine to warm

It's freezing cold. I had to spend 30 minutes waiting at Reading station this evening to meet older son, who was getting the train back from school for the holidays. I haven't been as cold in years. But let's be positive: the great thing about bitter cold is that suddenly a moderately warm room has the potential to confer immeasurable pleasure.

It snowed last night, albeit a little half-heartedly. I took RTL (above) for a walk this morning, and there was still a thin covering. She loved it, running around like a nutter. I think we're due a bit more tonight.

So time for some warming wine. I'm off to the South of France. Elian Da Ros' Aboriou 2007 from the Cotes du Marmandais is peppery, spicy, meaty and distinctly savoury, with a big dollop of Brettanomyces. It's a distinctive style: whether or not you like it will depend on how you respond to the animal appeal of brett. Le Clos du Pioch 2007 Montpeyroux (7.99 Marks & Spencer) is much more elegant and less edgy, with subtly meaty, floral perfume to the bright raspberry and cherry fruit. I like both wines, but without food, the Montpeyroux wins out because of its balance and elegance.

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At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Keith Prothero said...

Cold weather sucks!! Just arrived back---reluctantly I may add----for Xmas with Yorkshire relatives-------urgggghhhhhhhh How can you live in this awful climate.?

The wine scene is great--the weather is just not worth it.

P.S Pity about Hughes being sacked.

At 4:34 PM, Blogger Italian Wine Blog said...

I'm already bored of the weather.

Trains cancelled here there and everywhere and I've actually slid right over onto my rear end this weekend! Funny for everyone watching I'm sure.

At 9:46 PM, Blogger Ron Combo said...

A son who gets a train back from boarding school in Devonshire? In 2009? Don't you have a car Jamie?! I should be careful or your local authority will feel your collar for mental cruelty to your child.


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