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Friday, November 27, 2009

Two good, affordable Spanish wines

Over recent years I've focused a lot on Portugal, but not so much on Spain. It's something I may change: I'm tasting quite a lot of interesting Spanish wines of late, but in the past I had problems with the Spanish tendency to use too much oak. I don't like wines where oak is a key flavour signature. And I don't like over-ripe, jammy reds all that much either.

Two wines tonight: both affordable, both delicious. Neither jammy, neither oaky. Both from Berry Bros & Rudd, too, who seem to be buying really well in this price range at the moment.

Luna Beberide Godello 2008 Bierzo, Spain
13.5% alcohol. Fresh, aromatic and grapey, with some depth and texture. A bit like a serious Alsace Muscat, I suppose. A really refreshing dry white with nice delicacy. Pure fruit is the signature here, with grapefruit and citrus as well as some Muscat-like richness. 88/100 (£9.95 BBR)

Laderas de El Segué 2007 Alicante, Spain
13.5% alcohol. A blend of Monastrell, Syrah, Cabernet, this shows that reds from relatively hot climates can still be fresh and balanced. It shows lovely fresh, pure, sweet berry and cherry fruit with a nice bright personality and some bright acidity. There’s some nice minerality and more than a hint of elegance to the very focused fruit. Lovely stuff, made by Rioja superstars Artadi. 89/100 (£8.95 BBR)



At 5:29 AM, Anonymous Hampers said...

Nice blog. I really like your recommendation of Luna Beberide Godello 2008 Bierzo, Spain. I enjoyed it very much. It is economical too.


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