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Friday, July 24, 2009

A rich Mosel kabinett

Here's a rich-styled Mosel Riesling kabinett. I guess it's not as crisp and bright as I really like them, but it's still a really good effort. Sealed with a Vino-Lok (glass) closure, this is a good food wine.

Paulinshof Brauneberger Juffer Riesling Kabinett 2007 Mosel, Germany
Pale yellow colour. Focused sweet melony fruit dominates with a citrus pith and white peach edge, as well as good acidity. There's a hint of spiciness, and it is quite broad textured. Off-dry but with a savoury dimension, possessing more weight of flavour than some kabinetts. Good concentration and depth. 10% alcohol. 90/100 (UK agent Enotria)

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At 11:33 PM, Anonymous colmanstephenson said...

Am I alone in preferring Kabinetts to be not at all 'rich'?

The traditional feather-light Kabinett occupies a unique position in the pantheon of wine. It is simultaneously sweet-ish yet refreshingly dry (due to acidity). It is refreshing and unpretentious yet remains a wine of real complexity and intellectual interest.

Nowadays we seem to find producers declassifying Spatlesen and selling them as Kabinetts. Perhaps this is a response to warmer weather. In any case I find this complicates purchasing and food pairing.


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