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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Alsace Riesling: Josmeyer

Following on from last week's Trimbach encounter, here's a bottle I picked up at Haynes, Hanson & Clark for 11.50. Not the best ever, but a really good example of dry, fruity Alsace Riesling.

Josmeyer Riesling 'Le Kottabe' 2007 Alsace
12.5% alcohol, certified Biodynamic (Biodyvin). A really attractive dry Riesling with a lovely fruity character. Spicy minerality underpins the lemony fruit, with a subtle herbiness in the background, as well as some honeyed notes. Satisfying and balanced. 89/100 (11.50 Haynes, Hanson & Clark)

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At 11:21 PM, Blogger Candid Wines said...

Josmeyer Winemaker Christian Erharht was gracious enough to spend some time explaining the laws behind Pinot Blanc to me at the Renaissance tasting in NY this Spring.




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