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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Victoria Moore on Terroirs

There's a wonderful piece by Victoria Moore on Terroirs, the natural wine bar that's shaking the London dining scene, on the Caves de Pyrene website. This originally appeared in the ES Magazine, but it deserves a wider readership, which is why I'm plugging it here.



At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

Seconded- this is a great place, with food as excellent and straightforward as the wine list is excellent and idiosyncratic. And soon they plan to do off sales for those of us who struggle with Les Caves' 'why bother' sales policy. (I know wine hacks adore them, but they do not make buying easy, as has been mentioned here before). Woo hoo!

At 5:47 PM, Blogger Claude Vaillancourt said...

Is it possible that wine professional, with time, end up finding wine boring, just because they ae too exposed to it? After a while it seems that there is no freshness to it. I went to New-Zealand tasting a month ago. My feeling after it was that most of their Pinots and Sauvignon were similar. I was totally saturated and disapointed. Too much of the same was boring. Not that the wines were all bad. Not at all. But all in the same range. I think wine professionals are experiencing the same thing on a wider range. They end up needing extreme or weird stuff to find some interest. For me all this natural wine thing is a wine freakshow. Interesting for peoples who can no longer have a fresh look on real wine.

At 10:06 PM, Blogger Douglas Blyde said...

I find it refreshing that a print publication allowed such a generous word count for a wine related piece. Her words obviously penetrated the public consciousness - it's becoming increasingly hard to get into Terroirs. I tried and failed again, yesterday...


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