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Friday, May 08, 2009

Really good, affordable Portuguese wine

Here's a really good Portuguese red, purchased as part of a mixed case from Majestic. It's a lovely chunky wine that offers great value for money, made by the over-performing Pegoes co-op - the sort of cheap wine that I like to drink.

Marco de Pegoes 2007 Terras do Sado
13.5% alcohol. This is a delicious, robust, fruit-driven red from Terras do Sado - a wine region in the Setubal peninsula near Lisbon. It's quite meaty, dark and spicy, with lovely plum and dark cherry fruit with a strongly savoury core. There's a pleasing bitterness offsetting the sweet fruit. Dense and quite structured, with a hint of attractive rusticity, this is superbly food friendly and over-delivers considering its inexpensive price. 86/100 (5.99 Majestic, but 4.99 if you buy more than one)



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