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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dangerously drinkable natural wine

Currently finishing off the remains of a bottle of a dangerously drinkable natural wine. It's beautifully packaged in a minimalist/modern style, and finished with a bright red synthetic cork that I'm not 100% keen on (although I respect the attitude shown here by the producer).

Les Foulards Rouges 'La Soif du Mal' Vin de Table de France (NV)
No vintage declared (although the code 'L06' on the label indicates one), this light coloured red is utterly delicious and very drinkable. It has aromas of sweet cherry fruit with a sappy edge and lively purity, countered by an earthy, spicy note. The palate is bright and supple with a spicy, herby character that I often get in natural wines, as well as fresh, rather savoury cherry fruit. Think somewhere between new Zealand Pinot Noir and a deliciously fresh Gamay from the Beaujolais, and you've got something of the character of this wine. It's light, fragrant and aromatic. 13.5% alcohol, but it tastes lighter than this. This is remarkable, considering that this wine is a 70/30 Syrah/Grenache blend from the Roussillon. 'Soif du Mal' translates, I guess, as a wicked thirst, and this is the sort of wine that will certainly satisfy a thirst. 91/100 (UK agent: Les Caves de Pyrene)

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At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Fred Weller said...

How much? There aren't any prices on Les Caves de Pyrene's website...

At 9:45 AM, Anonymous mark b said...

fred: i've encountered the same problem. it's annoying that they don't include prices in the downloadable list... but what a list though!

At 10:01 AM, Blogger GX1 said...

What? No comments from "Anonymous" today? Have they run out of inane sacrcasm?

At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does "sacrcasm" mean? :-)


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