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Thursday, August 21, 2008

DeuS - a remarkable beer

One of the great things about beer is that even great beers are usually not much more expensive than rubbish ones. You can get something remarkable for less than 2 a bottle. But there is one notable exception: DeuS. Can you believe it? I went and spent 13.99 on a single bottle of beer.

Admittedly, this is a 75 cl bottle, and the cost reflects that this is a Belgian beer that's then finished off in Champagne, with a secondary fermentation in bottling and riddling. It's incredible stuff, weighing in at 11.5% alcohol and with bags of flavour.

DeuS Brut des Flandres Cuvee Prestige 2007
Rich, complex and delicious, with heady aromas of vanilla, yeast, toast and whisky. The palate is rich and broad with sweet rich-textured toasty, bready flavours, as well as a savour, casky, vegetable soup and sherry edge. Some alcohol evident. Remarkable stuff, and great with food - especially cheese. 9/10 (13.99)



At 2:32 AM, Anonymous Jack said...

I've had this beer once - perhaps the 2003 or 2004 bottling. It was very interesting - and thought if I had it ten times, I'd really like it a lot.

I do have a 2005 that I need to drink one-of-these-days.

At 6:27 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Yes, I wonder how it improves (or otherwise) with time in bottle?


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