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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mac vs. PC

This week I've been spending some time working on an imac, as opposed to my usual PC laptop/desktop combination. I can understand why Mac fans are so loyal - and why someone might want to spend a lot more on a Mac to get the same level of performance that they would from a PC.

They are aesthetically beautiful machines, and the screens are so bright, detailed and vivid. They are also highly intuitive - you don't need to be at all geeky to feel comfortable with them.

The downside? I guess it's the cost. A 20-inch imac will set you back about a grand, while an equivalent specced PC can be had for around 400. And if you are used to PCs, or you like to fiddle with your computer, then it's quite a step to make the shift.

But most of us spend a lot of our waking hours with computers. They are the extensions of our brains. It's not an area of expenditure where you want to make too many compromises. If aesthetics and beauty matter to you, and you find macs beautiful and PCs ugly, then spend the extra on the mac. It nay be a bit fashion-victimy, but if that's what makes you feel good about yourself, then who's going to criticise you?

Now that there aren't any real compatibility issues, even media folk can do what they need to do on both PCs and macs. So it's a question of choice. Personally, while I find macs very attractive, I don't find them attractive enough to justify the difference (which would include new software costs, as well - a non-trivial expense). When I get a new desktop, it will be a PC, I reckon, with a nice big TFT screen.



At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Lar (Sour Grapes) said...

I think the price comparison is a bit of a fallacy. This article explains why

That said, the beautiful hardware and the OS don't really make that much difference to me.

But what does make a difference is the software on the Mac.

If you're going to get more into the online video tasting etc, the software on the Mac is just streets ahead.

Easy to use, quick to produce video etc. etc.

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Tim said...

To choose a PC on the grounds of the up-front costs alone is a false economy.
Cost the time that you will waste because it has crashed/is being repaired/has a virus etc.
If your time is precious to you get a Mac

At 5:44 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

lar, thanks for the link - which software do you recommend for doing video?
Tim, thanks for the perspective

At 5:51 PM, Blogger ~ Phyll said...

My PC looks as hot as a Mac after a few glasses anyway. So why switch?

At 9:27 AM, Blogger Wine Reviewer said...

Mac's are very nice i have a number of friends that swear by them but when it comes to buying a new computer there is more than just the looks and OS to take into consideration. I've spent a small fortune on software which i would need to buy again. Having said that you could instal windows on a mac so that you can use your existing softare.


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