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Sunday, July 13, 2008

A relaxed weekend, with yet more cricket

It has been an enjoyable weekend. On Friday night my twin sister, Anne, and her husband and kids came to stay at the Goode madhouse. I opened about 20 bottles for sampling, and we drank some, too - the rest we took with us on Saturday morning for the bi-annual family cricket match organized by two of my cousins. Held in the magnificent settings of Caldicott School, it's a fun event where the extended family gather and there's a half decent game of cricket.

Under overcast skies we played a 30-over-a-side game. Rather bizarrely, the first innings was played on an all-weather pitch on a different field to the second innings on the main square, because of the damp early conditions. We batted first and made 215-8, and then restricted them to 211-8 off their overs. My contribution? 1 with the bat (caught in the deep) and 3-8 with the ball. It was great to catch up with so many relatives.

Today was a bit sunnier, and it was younger son's chance to perform at cricket, as he kept wicket for his school side against the same age group from Twickenham CC. He did pretty well, only letting a few balls through.

Pictured above is a view from the local park where I take RTL for walks most days, at about 8 am this morning. I don't always feel like taking her out, but it's actually a brilliantly relaxing thing to do at this time of year.


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