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Thursday, July 17, 2008

NWR: RTL's poor paw

RTL (Rosie The Labradoodle) is our dog. She had a bad week: a grass seed had become embedded in one of her paws, and required surgery to get it out. That'll be 150. This is where I learned we were supposed to be checking her paws regularly. So I go for a walk with her and her bandaged paw, and get stopped several times by other dog walkers. The conversation is eerily similar each time. 'What's wrong?' 'Grass seed in paw.' 'Oh yes, you should check them every day. My vet says grass seeds pay for his summer holidays'. It never said this in the dog owners' manual. Anyway, she's now back to full health.


At 11:10 PM, Blogger Michael Pollard said...


Having a wife who is veterinarian has made me much more aware of the potential problems that dogs can have from being in grass. It really is a good idea to check RTL all over after a walk; not just the feet but the coat in general and the head. The biggest problem can be what we call foxtails in the nose, which can be difficult to see and often only revealed by sneezing or worst case swelling and discharge. For the latter it is "slightly" more than what you paid for the foot!



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