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Friday, October 19, 2007

Douro Boys Cuvee 2005

The Douro Boys - a coalition of five of the leading Douro table wine-producing quintas - have announced that they'll be releasing a special cuvee from the 2005 vintage. Dubbed 'Douro Boys Cuvee 2005', it's a blend of selected barrels from all five producers: Niepoort, Crasto, Vallado, Vale de Meao and Vale Dona Maria. (See: http://www.douroboys.com/ for more details)

What is especially intriguing about this initiative is that the wine was bottled only in magnum, and just 500 will be released, all of which will be sold in a special auction:

"Only 500 Magnum bottles of this very special wine will be offered, and in a very individual way. They will be auctioned on Friday, 30th of November in the Douro Valley at an event hosted by Peter Mansell, Associate Director of Christie’s International Wine Department.

The 500 Magnums are divided into 30 different lots, ranging from 1 single Magnum up to a group of 60 Magnums, and many of the lots come with an 'additional and personal bonus' courtesy of each Douro Boy, these include a surfing Lesson with Miguel Roquette, dinner prepared by Dirk Niepoort, a golfing day with Vito Olazabal… even a football match against a Douro Boys team! There will be many wonderful items encompassing boat rides, delicious meals and overnight stays at the most beautiful locations in the Douro Valley."

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At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Eddie C. said...

Hi Jamie,

I just stumbled on to your blog from an old issue of Fast Company ... congrats for hosting one of the top wine blogs.

It's great to see wine enthusiasts and experts sharing their thoughts on Portuguese wine. Prior to your post, I had never heard of the "Douro Boys" but now I'll be looking for a bottle.

Now, would you say this wine is really unique or have the Douro Boys gotten creative with their marketing?

At 10:30 PM, Blogger Paulo Coelho Vaz said...

Isto sim é muito bom. Todos os Douro Boys numa só garrafa?!?!?!?


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