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Monday, August 20, 2007

Top of the table

Forgive the non-wine focus of this post, but I couldn't let the occasion pass without a comment.

For non-football fans, the significance is that the team I follow, perennial underdogs since the late 1970s, yesterday beat their illustrious neighbours, to maintain a 100% record in this (admittedly very young) premiership season and top the table, 15 places above UTD. It's an exciting time to be a City fan.

You can see highlights here

Next up, Arsenal away. Bring-em-on!



At 7:59 AM, Anonymous Stuart Peskett said...

You can tell by the look on Sven's face how much he's enjoying all this praise from journos who did nothing but crucify him while he was England boss although he'd never admit that.

Very rare that you can buy a whole bunch of players and they click straightaway.

At 10:49 AM, Anonymous Alex Lake said...

Beginners luck... (but I did think of you when I saw that result)

Arsenal to win by 2 goals.

Jammy Chelsea to win the league with Liverpool 2nd.

At 1:50 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Stuart, early days, but I've been amazed by Svenn's hit rate in purchasing decent players. I think he's great.

Alex, perhaps - sooner or later City will play badly and lose - that's when the test will come - will they be able to pick themselves up?

Chelsea have been unconvincing so far. Liverpool have looked good. But I reckon UTD will win it, despite their dodgy start.

At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Alastair Bathgate said...

I am so proud. As a City fan of 40 years, the number of moments of glory like this can be counted on the fingers of a mutant ninja turtle.

I don't expect it to stay this way but hey I'll be happy to eat my words - I did have a bet on City to finish in the top four, which at 250-1 is starting to look like good odds. I only wish I'd had a bet on Utd to go down (they are probably odds on by now).

What if Dr Thaksin gets found guilty though, will we have to sell all the players back and return his money? ;-)

At 10:19 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Shame about the result against Arsenal, but a good performance. A wine tomorrow night is needed, and then at least a point against Blackburn away would steady the ship a bit.


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