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Saturday, April 07, 2007

A comma

Checking in from Singapore. I've mentioned before that I see travels as a sort of useful punctuation mark in my life - you get away from the daily routines and familiar places, and gain a useful change of perspective.

It's been a fairly painless transition: we arrived yesterday afternoon, took a cab to our hotel, had a swim, went out for a wander in neighbouring Fort Canning Park, and then went out for dinner in Chinatown.

The kids slept well, and this morning we've just had breakfast and are off to Orchard Road an the botanic gardens.

Singapore Airlines were once again very good, but you really need to be lucky with your fellow passengers in order to have a good flight: we did well in that we didn't have any persistent recliners in front of us, but we did have a couple of antisocial light users during the middle of the night. Eldest son refused to sleep for the entire flight. That's all for now.



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