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Friday, January 12, 2007

Yellow tail

I recently got sent some samples from a supermarket, which included the 2004 Yellow Tail Shiraz. For those of you who



Apparently, this is the best-selling red wine in the USA. That's remarkable.

The 2002 got 85 Parker points

Noel Young describes it as 'one of our most popular wines'

Yes, it's off-dry and a bit confected if I'm going to be honestly critical; it's not a serious wine; but it has that quality of deliciousness. Much like vanilla ice cream, you want another mouthful. And in cheap wine, is that a bad thing? There's every possibility that for those for whom this is their first experience of wine, it will be a positive one. Who knows? They may even develop a taste for decent wine through such a tasty entry level product. Because the winemaker(s) have managed, by fair means or foul, to get the balance right with this wine.


At 8:44 AM, Blogger timmyc said...

I thought Yellow Tail was the top selling wine in Oz too?


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