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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wine dinner last night with sister Hester and brother-in-law William. Plenty of interesting wines, but the one I wanted to mention here is the Lynch-Bages 1973. It's a vintage I haven't tried many examples of, mainly because it's fairly duff, I suspect. Anyway, William has a thing for off-vintage clarets and buys quite a few, unearthing some nice surprises along the way. The Lynch-Bages was interesting (a word that can mean many things in the context of a wine description): it was still alive, but had an unusual roast, almost burnt aroma, together with a strong imprint of freshly-turned soil. There was quite a bit of fruit. It just didn't quite all pull together, if you know what I mean. I really should buy some more old wine, and if you avoid the classic vintages and are prepared to kiss a few frogs in the pursuit of the odd princess, then it needn't break the bank.


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