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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Goodes have been busy socializing this weekend. We had another wild dinner party last night (actually, I exaggerate Ė it wasnít wild at all Ė we donít do wild any more) when two couples who are good friends of ours going well back came round for some more mushroom risotto. It was a lovely evening. Again, quite a few wines were opened. 1996 Ridge Geyserville went down well (mature, drinking very well in quite a sweet, evolved, earthy style), as did a Carbonalia 2001 Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, a bottle of the legendary Cano Toro 2004 and the Royal Tokaji Blue Label 2000 Aszķ 5 Puttonyos. Opinions were divided about the Fernando de Castilla Pedro Ximenez I blogged on a few days ago: the non-wine geeks seem to find this quite a difficult wine to understand.

Itís also been quite a sporty weekend. This afternoon I took my boys (aged 8 and 9) for their first round of golf. After getting them hitting balls on the range I felt they were ready for the pitch and put course at Sandown Park. My motivation for encouraging them in golf (a sport that I know many readers will find lame and very uncool) is that if they enjoy it and get good at it, I will be able to play lots of golf without the guilt that comes from skipping domestic duties. They did OK, but it was freezing cold. Canít wait for it to get a bit warmer.

Yesterday afternoon our friend Ade kindly got me and the boys tickets to go and watch London Welsh at the Old Deer Park. It was the boysí first experience of live rugby, and I havenít seen a game in years. It was good fun, although some of those tackles must really, really hurt. Ade played international rugby for Wales and until last year managed London Welsh, and as this was a relegation battle you could tell he was quite anxious. It was quite cool going to a game with him: a bit like going to see City play as a guest of Kevin Keegan. Fortunately, London Welsh won, so he went home smiling.


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