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Friday, April 21, 2006

Global warming is never far from the news. It seems trivial and shallow to worry about its conseq- uences for the world's great wine regions...I guess I'm trivial and shallow...

Anyway, chez Goode we feel we should do our bit. Fiona wants to move to an eco house, which I have to admit does rather appeal to me.

Short of moving house (the hassle! the cost!), we could install a solar hot water system, which is becoming popular. We could buy a more economical car, and drive it less (I already walk as much as I can, and use public transport daily). Or we could change our electricity supplier and sign up with Dale Vince's company ecotricity. Choosing green is no longer just for hippies, and I feel we need to do something. What are you doing?


At 6:15 PM, Blogger Richard & Catherine said...

We've taken the plunge to go for solar-powered hot water... good for the planet and (particularly if gas prices go on increasing by anything like the predictions) will pay for itself in less (perhaps much less) than a decade. Not sure if we're completely bonkers, but too late now to worry ;o)

At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Adam & Julia said...

The house extension we have in progress will include solar hot water. Signed up to ecotricity on the back of your blog! Challenged as to how we invest our pension in an environmental and socially sensitive way.


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