Tasting three commercial wines on camera: YellowTail, Jacob's Creek and Barefoot


I found myself in a supermarket. In the wine aisle. I always have a look in the wine aisle: it’s important to see how normal people experience wine. Even if I’m not planning to buy wine (and I rarely do in supermarkets), I’ll take some time looking at the retailer’s range. You don’t get this experience from a press tasting; you need to actually visit stores.

On a whim, I picked up some bottles. I wanted to taste some of the best sellers, and do it on camera. Offer an honest verdict on these wines, bearing in mind the market segment they are made for. I chose three reds, all priced similarly (two were £5.50 and one was £5.40). Considering that £2.08 of the price of each is tax, and then a further 20% is VAT, these are pretty close to the bottom of the market. Here are the videos I shot of me tasting them. One I liked more than the others, just because it was more honest.


4 comments to Tasting three commercial wines on camera: YellowTail, Jacob’s Creek and Barefoot

  • Good one! Nice fair-minded appraisal for wines which would normally be off your turf. And I particularly like the comment “you’re not going to die if you drink it”.

  • Excellent videos presenting the wines. We are thinking in developing something in the same path with wines and food or cheeses and wines (since we have the class). Great work . Congratulations for the continuos work along the years.

  • daniele

    Is the sweet grapejuice added at the end f the process in those chip wines ? Is that legal to do in Europe as well?Thanks

  • Kwispedoor

    I often resemble a feeding Great Dane when I spit wine, so – talking about honesty in winemaking and such – I like it that the dribbling drop didn’t prompt a re-take. I once saw Sergio Garcia hit a wild shank and it gave me a similar warm feeling. 😉

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