Snow, puppy and Port

From all the fuss, you’d imagine we’d never seen snow before in the UK. But for each of the last three winters, we’ve had a good dose of the white stuff. And as long as you haven’t got to get anywhere, or do any work, it’s a nice distraction. Quite seasonal too.

Unfortunately, Fiona had to […]

RTL update: poooopies on the way, soon!

Rosie The Labradoodle is with puppy. And she’s due to give birth at some stage over the next week. Saturday night, if our calculations are correct.

It was just over two years ago that she had her first litter; we have no idea about how many to expect. Last time it was eight, and they were […]

A long, sunny walk and some good beer

A friend was staying, so today we took RTL on a long walk in Windsor Great Park, ending up in the Fox and Hounds for a couple of pints of refreshing ale. It was an almost impossibly beautiful spring day – not too hot, but perfectly sunny. The Valley Gardens are starting to come into […]