The great Portuguese fortified wine tasting

I’m in the process of writing up the great Portuguese fortified wine tasting in Linhares on Saturday morning. This was one of the most remarkable tastings that I’ve been involved with, and it rather took me by surprise.

I was expecting a walk-around tasting, of the sort we normally have in the wine trade. Yet it [...]

A good lunch with some nice wines

Very enjoyable family lunch today at my sister’s place in Gerrards Cross. A four siblings plus their families and my parents were gathered. Some nice wines were opened. I didn’t take proper notes this time, but here are my brief impressions.

First some fizz. Ruinart Blanc de Blancs is a very fruit-driven Champagne with lovely depth [...]

Four videos from the Douro

Just posted four more videos from the Douro. It’s part of a big write up on a visit to the Taylor, Fladgate & Yeatman group (includes the Port houses Fonseca, Taylor’s, Croft and Delaforce).

The Douro valley viewed from the River:

Treading grapes at Quinta de Vargellas:

Croft’s Quinta do [...]

Snow, puppy and Port

From all the fuss, you’d imagine we’d never seen snow before in the UK. But for each of the last three winters, we’ve had a good dose of the white stuff. And as long as you haven’t got to get anywhere, or do any work, it’s a nice distraction. Quite seasonal too.

Unfortunately, Fiona had to [...]

Scion: a tawny Port from the 1850s

A great privilege to be able to try this tawny Port, dating back to the 1850s. Taylor’s have acquired two pipes of it (a pipe is 600 litres, but with an older wine like this the barrels won’t be full), and are releasing it this December, at a price tag of £2500 a bottle. It’s [...]

Some superb single-quinta Ports

Vintage Port is one of the world’s great wines. It’s also relatively affordable compared with other great wines. But there’s an even better bargain in single-quinta Ports from shoulder vintages – those that might have been declared had they not been adjacent to already-declared years.

2008 was a really good vintage in the Douro, but most [...]

Running a Sherry and Port class

This morning I headed into London to run a Sherry and Port session for Hakkasan’s  (high-end London restaurant) staff training. It was an interesting class, and I was introducing most of the attendees (the majority of who are young people with English as a second language) to the wonderful world of these fortified wines for [...]

Some 19th Century quotes on Port and Portuguese wines

I’ve been browsing a few old books online, and came across a couple of nice quotes on Port and Portuguese wines from a late 19th Century text:

‘The mode of making port wine is extremely unclean, and the proceedings are very crude and elementary; nevertheless, so good a product is obtained that its faults are, as [...]

Vintage Port 2008: Noval and Romaneira

I have some Vintage Port from 2008 open at the moment. First up, two with a sort of family resemblance (Christian Seely is involved in both). Quinta do Noval has, over recent vintages, established itself as one of the top Douro properties. Romaneira is one to watch: a fantastically situated Quinta only recently renovated and [...]

Video: making Port, traditional and modern approaches

Making Port wine: traditional and modern approaches from Jamie Goode on Vimeo.