Henry Jeffreys on wine book publishing (guest post)

I rarely permit guest posts, but here’s one from Henry Jeffreys, because he asked nicely, and I like his writing. It’s about wine book publishing and how it has changed of late, largely from a UK perspective:

I have a bit of thing about old wine books. I can’t resist picking them up no matter how [...]

Generalists versus specialists

For those of us making a living writing about wine, there’s a choice we have to make. Do we position ourselves as experts or generalists? Do we specialize in just a few areas, going deep, or do we try to maintain a global focus, covering all regions more generally?

For anyone starting out, I’d say focus [...]

Results of the ML wines competition, 2014

A few weeks ago I posted about the ML wines competition held by Lallemand in Madrid.

The results are now out (click on the image below to see it full size as a pdf).

Some old pictures, and thoughts on permanence

Today I have been sorting through some old pictures. They’re really old, some as far back as 1970. I’ve changed a lot since then.

The wine world has changed a lot since then, too. But still, compared with our lifespan, wine has a sense of permanence. It is rooted in the place, and the place is [...]

Music and wine

Heraclitus was right. You can’t step in the same stream twice. The stream is ever changing and you are changed by your experience of the stream.

It’s like that with wine and music.

You can’t listen to the same piece of music twice. I remember as a teenager that sense of anticipation as I put a new [...]

Novelty at the expense of quality?

Star wine writer Jancis Robinson’s latest FT column is worth a read. You can find it here.

She is focusing on the quest for novelty in the wine world, and whether it comes at the expense of quality. The article was prompted by the recent rant by Robert Parker, which Jancis quotes:

What we also have [...]

Zorah Karasi, a remarkable Armenian wine

One of the most interesting encounters I had at today’s Liberty Wine tasting was with Armenia, the land-locked country hemmed in by Georgia, Ajerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. This broader area is widely regarded to be the birthplace of wine, and the wine in question that I tasted today is Zorah’s now famous Karasi.

I had [...]

Recently on the main wineanorak site

Some recent articles on the main wineanorak site, which – if you just visit this blog – you might have missed.

Blandy’s: a profile of this important Madeira company, with a tasting back
to the early 19th century
Dirler-Cadé: a great tasting at this biodynamic Alsace producer
Bouchard Finlayson: part 2, visiting South Africa’s Hemel-en-Aarde region
Delheim: part 7, Stellenbosch [...]

A year in the life of a winewriter, 2013

It has been a good year. Not always straightforward, but rewarding. One measure of the success of a year is how much I have learned, and this year I have learned a great deal. Here are some of the highlights.

First trip of the year, a brief visit to Bordeaux, to talk at a conference on [...]

On fake wine

So, Rudy Kurniawan is the first person to be convicted in the USA by a Federal Court of counterfeiting wine. It seems that the fine wine auction market is awash with fakes, and the auction houses haven’t been up to the task of authenticating the lots that have been consigned with them. It has been [...]