Jay McInerney on wine writing

‘This has become a special part of my life,’ says novelist Jay McInerney, referring to wine writing, his parallel career. McInerney’s keynote kicked off the 2016 Symposium for Professional Wine Writers in an entertaining fashion. As you might expect of a novelist, he’s good with words.

Jay first got into wine when he had a job [...]

Twitter's powerful metrics - how can I use them?

Very interesting to see the sort of data you can now get from Twitter on the way people interact with your posts. These ‘analytics’ or metrics are very detailed. But how can I use them, other than to convince people who might want to hire me or pay for me to travel to nice places [...]

In the Napa Valley for the wine writers' symposium

I’m just on my way home after a week in California’s Napa Valley for the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers. It was my first time at this event, which was held at the spectacular Meadowood resort near St Helena. [Aside: Meadowood is truly remarkable. Luxurious, discrete, tasteful and one of the best places I've stayed.]

On writing about wine

It’s generally a good rule for wine writers never to write about writing about wine. It’s something we find interesting (after all, it’s our career), but which is terribly boring and in-house for most readers, who really don’t care about the people and details that mean so much to us.

But, occasionally, I break this rule. [...]

Freelance life: being afraid of success?

This is an interesting thought. [It came to me all of a sudden, and I haven't been drinking.] As a freelancer – I’ve been completely freelance for almost exactly 8 years now – am I, in some strange way, afraid of success?

This seems a very odd statement. Why would someone who makes a living by [...]

On writing

Everyone wants to be a writer. At least, it seems that way. Few get to write for a living. But people so love to work with words that they are often drawn to occupations where they are dealing with other people’s words, even if they aren’t writing themselves.

I remember that when I worked as a [...]

On the 'relaxation' of planting rights in the European Union

There’s been a lot of discussion on changes to the rules on planting new vineyards in the European Union. For as long as I have been alive, there have been restrictions on planting new vineyards in Europe. The system of planting rights that stood until the beginning of this year was first introduced in 1976 [...]

2015, a year in pictures

January: a trip to the Ahr Valley, Germany. Pinot Noir country. Thanks Lars Daniels for being my travel companion.

February: Zell Am Zee, Austria, for some skiing. Managed one day of 3 (injured knee). Not my core competency, it must be said.

March: a visit to northwest Spain and Portugal, with Nick Oakley. Such interesting things happening [...]

Analogue in a digital world

Vinyl isn’t dead.

That is remarkable, on so many levels. Digital is better than analogue. So we are told. When CDs came along, the days of vinyl were fast running out.

Then, with the advent of digital music delivery and iTunes, surely analogue was finished. We’d entered the digital era.

I think there’s a parallel with digital and [...]

Some nice wines blind with dinner

Had another wine dinner on Thursday night. Andrew Thomas hosted, with Will Willis and Stuart Bowman-Hood. Alas fellow regular with this group, Joe Wadsack, wasn’t able to make it. [Here's the report of our last dinner together.] We did some wine blind. The best way to taste: start off blind, but before too long do [...]