In beer school with Meantime Brewery

Tonight I headed into the wilds of Greenwich to the Meantime Brewery, to go back to school. For one evening only. My mission was to learn more about the process of making beer, with brewer Rod Jones taking us through a 2 hour curriculum on the brewing process, titled ‘The knowledge’.

This was pretty in depth […]

Announcing, a collaboration between Jamie Goode and Daniel Primack

What is it?
A beer website created by two wine people: Jamie Goode (wine journalist,, drinks writer The Sunday Express) and Daniel Primack (General Manager at Around Wine, selling wonderful wine glasses, wine storage equipment and fridges + accessories).

What will you find there?
Unfettered enthusiasm about interesting beer is the order of the day, […]

A Sunday in San Francisco

So, I got a text from Joshua Thomas: ‘Are you interested in brunch?’ Of course! So I headed across town to meet him at Nopalito for a Mexican brunch. The walk from where I’m staying on Geary took me through some sketchy areas, as I cut down Taylor to Market and then hit Fell. There […]

Vagabond, Drakes Tabanco and the Draft House, a great night out

London is an interesting place for food and drink these days. Last night I went out with buddy Daniel Primack of Around Wine to have some fun in Charlotte Street, taking in three establishments that represent the best of London’s new gastro/booze scene.

We started of at Vagabond (pictured above), which I reckon represents the future […]

Some interesting looking beers from Tesco

The good thing about beer is that it’s fairly easy to get hold of good ones even in supermarkets, where finding interesting wine is quite tricky. I popped into a Tesco branch yesterday and came away with several beers that looked worth a try (including a couple of old friends). None were expensive. Overall, a […]

Single hop beers, an interesting geeky angle on beer

It’s interesting to see more beers labelled by hop variety, much in the way that wines are labelled by grape variety. Hops are fashionable at the moment – and I, for one, love hoppy beers. I think the British cask ale brewers are sometimes a bit afraid of hoppy flavours. I don’t mean to suggest […]

M&S Single Variety Hopped Ales

The interest in hops continues. Marks & Spencer (UK supermarket) have released a range of single variety hopped ales. Here are my notes on them.

M&S Single Variety Hopped Ale Citra IPA
Made by Oakham Ales, Cambridgeshire. 4.9% alcohol. Very fruity with lively notes of citrus and passionfruit. Lively, fruity palate is fresh and crisp with some […]

A great day of cricket and a super beer

‘Do you ever do any work?’

A question I get asked quite often. The answer: ‘Yes, but I try not to do too much.’ The truth is, I have a fun job, and the tendency I fight is that of working too much. I am working in a competitive field: one in which seriously talented colleagues are […]

Thornbridge Jaipur, a wonderful beer

Love this beer. It’s Thornbridge’s Jaipur, an IPA that has a LOT of hops, but avoids just being showy, with lovely citrussy freshness and precise acidity. It’s quite bitter, but the bitterness works in the context of the super-fresh fruity flavours. A lovely post-football (playing not watching) beer.

In the UK, this is stocked by Waitrose […]

An ale festival at the White Horse

The country pub. It’s uniquely English.

Popped down to the White Horse at Hedgerley today where an ale festival was underway. Together with brothers in law William and Dominic, I supped several different ales in the warm spring sunshine.

This is a pub that cares about cask ale, and knows how to keep it in good condition. We […]