Leeu Passant: exciting new wines from Chris and Andrea Mullineux

One of the most anticipated South African releases of recent years: the Leeu Passant wines from Chris and Andrea Mullineux. After a sneaky preview with Chris at ProWein last week, we got to taste them at the Franschhoek tasting room on the Leeu Estates.

Andrea and Chris Mullineux

There are three wines in the range: two […]

Exploring Hemel-en-Aarde

Spent a few days in Hemel-en-Aarde, looking around. This is a cool-ish climate wine region in a valley that meets the coast right by the lovely town of Hermanus, about 90 minutes’ drive from Cape Town. [Tip: if you drive from Cape Town, allow an extra 20 minutes and drive along the coast road, which […]

A great wine shop in Hermanus, and why we need to support good wine shops

I love shopping for wine.

If you are a wine journalist and you don’t love shopping for wine, then find a new job. I don’t want to read what you have to say. If you are no longer in love with wine, step aside and let someone else have the floor.

On Saturday we were in Hermanus […]

Flotsam & Jetsam Cinsault, tasted on camera

Another Cinsault! This time, it’s from Chris and Suzaan Alheit. This is an honest wine, made for drinking, and it’s lovely. South Africa is producing quite a few of these wines, and I think that’s a good thing.

Flotsam & Jetsam Stalwart Cinsault 2016 Western Cape, South Africa
12% alcohol. Lovely juicy, bright cherry and berry fruits […]

So you don't like natural wine? I sense your pain, and I am here for you

So you don’t like natural wine?

I sense your pain, and I am here for you. Here to help.

I can understand how distressing it must be to see other people enjoying wines that you don’t like. It is imperative that you take every chance to tell them that they are simply wrong. They may not listen, […]

The Mount Abora Saffraan Cinsault: bright and luminous

This was a delicious and smashable wine, and it didn’t cost very much. It’s a naturally made Swartland Cinsault, and on the back label it says, ‘this wine harks back to the times of bright and luminous wines.’ Indeed, this is bright and luminous. [By way of interest, here’s my note on the previous vintage.]

Mount […]

Video: day 3 of ProWein 2017

Some highlights from the third and final day of ProWein 2017. I should add that these highlight films are not meant to be representative of the fair. Most people are there to do huge deals and very serious business. I’m there to earn money from seminars (something I’m quite good at – doing the seminars, […]

Video: day 2 of ProWein 2017

So here’s a quick film from the second day of ProWein 2017, the global wine fair held each year in Düsseldorf, Germany. I spent quite a bit of the day doing seminars, which aren’t featured here. The scale of ProWein is hard to grasp unless you’ve actually been there, and walked 15 km in a […]

Video: day 1 of ProWein 2017


Canadian wine journalist Treve Ring and I have been doing some filming each day at ProWein, 2017. With 58 000 visitors this year, it’s a huge wine trade fair, and it would be impossible to catch all of it. So this film just highlights a few wines and winemakers, as well as giving you a […]

Day 1, ProWein

Day 1 at ProWein was a busy one. This wine trade fair, with 55 000 attendees, is huge. It’s daunting in scale, so you have to have quite a good plan about what you are going to do next, or else you can end up walking aimlessly through the cavernous halls, and gradually lose the […]