An utterly mind-blowing beer

I’m aware that this is a wine blog, but I assume that readers are interested more broadly in great flavour experiences, so occasionally I dabble in food and other drinks. This is one such occasion.

It’s a fabulous beer from Mikkeller (website here), which is the project of Danish brewrer Mikkel Borg Bjergsø. One of my […]

A Pinotage made without any added sulfur dioxide

Dudley Wilson, winemaker at Stellar Organics in South Africa, seems to have got the hang of making wine without adding any sulfur dioxide. His Cabernet Sauvignon has been listed by Sainsbury’s in the UK for a few years now and is delicious – an inexpensive (£5) wine that holds up in bottle fine for a […]

Quinta das Maias Dao, an attractive Portuguese red

Really enjoyed this wine, which I previously blogged on just over a year ago. It’s a fresh, lively red wine with a hint of savoury, spicy meatiness that makes me think it may have a little Brettanomyces character (read more about this here). But this brett, if it is present, is at a level that […]

With Jean-Luc Colombo at Hawksmoor

Had a good evening last night with Jean-Luc Colombo at Hawksmoor Seven Dials last night. Jean-Luc was quite tired – he was suffering from a cold, and had spent the day shooting pheasant – but put on a good show.

Jean-Luc Colombo is one of the leading figures in the northern Rhone. He and his wife […]

Recently on the main site

For the benefit of those of you who are blog visitors, but don’t get to the main site, here’s what I posted there of late. Some people ask why I have both a blog and a website running in tandem. The answer? It’s because blogs are good for some things, but not for others. […]

Evoi The Satyr, a serious Margaret River red

This is a serious Bordeaux-style red from a small producer in Margaret River. ‘Evoi’ is, apparently, the ecstatic scream of joy uttered by the Maenads, who were the female followers of Bacchus. The producer website is here.

Evoi The Satyr 2009 Margaret River, Australia
14% alcohol. Intense aromatic nose of blackberry, spice, olives, some meaty notes and […]

Anarkos: a lovely wine from the south of Italy

Very impressed by this ripe yet well defined red from Puglia. I’m seeing increasingly good wines coming from the south of Italy. There’s plenty of sunshine here, so the wines are usually ripe and sweetly fruitied, but the good ones (like this) show great definition. Astute commercial winemaking. It’s not the world’s greatest ever wine, […]

A really good affordable organic Spanish red from Valencia: El Bonne Homme

Liked this wine. It’s an organic Spanish red from Valencia made by Rafael Cambra, blending together Mourvedre and Cabernet Sauvignon. This was co-produced with Rafael’s Swedish importer Nathalie Bonhomme. Interestingly, there are four labels for this wine, and each case has three of each: subtly but distinctly different, and featuring buttons. UK importer is Indigo Wine.

El […]

Wine and health

Some intense activity on Twitter today discussing wine and health. Lots of views expressed, although proper discussion of topics like this in 140 characters is quite tricky.

The discussion was prompted by a tweet by Cam Haskell about a meta-analysis looking at the evidence for health benefits of antioxidants. It is here.

This is not a research […]

Berry Bros Year in Wine: interesting trends?

I was really intrigued by this graphic from high-end wine merchant Berry Bros & Rudd. It shows the trends in their wine sales over the last year. Some are quite surprising; others perhaps less so.

The first point: it re-emphasizes that there is not just one wine market. Of course, to try to extrapolate these results […]