Vinification Integrale

Just written up a visit to Anthonij Rupert, a South African producer with one of the most remarkable wineries you’ll ever see.

For their top reds, they use a system of barrel fermentation called Vinification Integrale. Normally, barrel fermenting reds isn’t possible because of the skins, pips and other solid bits. Some winemakers take one end […]

Writing for SEO?

You want your web pages to climb the Google rankings? Well, there’s the science of search engine optimization (SEO) that you need to master. While there are basic things you can do to increase your rankings, such as writing lots of good content and having plenty of inbound links, and – of course – not […]

Santa Carolina's 'icon' Carmenere, 'Herencia'

I’ll have to admit it, but I was slightly disappointed by this wine. It’s Santa Carolina’s icon Carmenere, named Herencia, and it comes in a huge, heavy bottle. It has a price tag to match – £100. But it failed the empty bottle test. I opened it last night with two others, and we had […]

The remarkable viticulture of Dry River, Martinborough, New Zealand

I have just published an extended write-up of a visit to one of New Zealand’s most exciting producers: Dry River, Martinborough. Here, I want to focus on one aspect of what they do – their viticulture, which is remarkable.

The vineyards are immaculate. A split canopy system called Scott Henry is employed, with both upward and […]

Recently on the main wineanorak site

Just in case you are a blog-only reader, here are some of the recent articles on the main wineanorak site:

Randall Grahm: an interview and tasting with the man behind Bonny Doon
Stonier: classy Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Australia’s Mornington Peninsula
Quinta da Romaneira: spectacular Douro property, recently revived, and photographs from Romaneira
Paul Cluver: pioneering winery in […]

Champagne: vintage versus non-vintage at the Harpers Champagne summit

Today’s Harpers Champagne Summit was really good.

I was there to present a ‘masterclass’: my theme, the difference between non-vintage and vintage Champagnes. I compared the NV and vintage wines from three different houses, but made people do it single blind (they knew which wines were in each pair, but not which was which). Amazingly, this […]

Two pink fizz on an appropriate day

I suppose I’m guilty of not taking pink fizz seriously enough. Well, in light of today’s date, I’ve opened a couple. I’m trying to pretend that I’m being ironic, but they’re actually quite delicious drinking. The surprise is how good the English fizz is.

Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial NV
12% alcohol. Pink with an orange hue. […]

Back from California

I returned home from my all-too-brief California trip on Friday. Mercifully, the effects of jet-lag have been minimal this trip. I slept through every night while I was there, and have slept through since my return. I’ve not needed to go to bed early, either. My only conclusion is that tiredness + a reasonable dose […]

Two good Kiwi wines from Villa Maria

Very impressed by this pair by Villa Maria, one of New Zealand’s most consistent producers.

Villa Maria Cellar Selection Pinot Noir 2009 Marlborough
Seriously seductive Pinot. Sweet cherry and berry fruit with fresh herb and mineral notes, as well as subtle meatiness. The palate is ripe and sweetly fruited, yet supple and fresh with nice acidity, sour […]

Some more Sonoma pics

On my way home now, but here are some more Sonoma pictures. The light was just so good this week.