Off travelling again

I’m in Heathrow Terminal 1, off on some more travels. Just a brief four day trip this time, to Portugal and Spain visiting a number of wineries I’ve not been to before.

I love travelling and visiting vineyards. I always learn lots. While you could be a wine critic just sitting in your office in London […]

Petaluma Croser 2006 Adelaide Hills

Aussie fizz can be really good, as the sparkling wine session at last year’s Landmark Australia Tutorial showed. This is one of Australia’s more ambitious sparklers, and it’s quite impressive, but a little tight and young at the moment. Available in the UK from Bibendum.

Petaluma Croser 2006 Adelaide Hills, Australia
This sparkling wine is 63% Pinot […]

A month after migrating servers, and some decent web stats

It has been a month since I shifted from its old server to a new one – with decent bandwith allowance and proper webstat reporting (the last one was a bit flaky, and I didn’t always get good statistics).

Here’s the data on traffic to the site over the last month. [I’m not sure if […]

Book review: The Great Domaines of Burgundy

The Great Domaines of Burgundy, by Remington Norman and Charles Taylor.

This is a revision of Remington Norman’s classic work on Burgundy, first published in 1992, and then revised in 1996, with Charles Taylor added as an author. It’s a brilliant book, and pretty much a compulsory purchase for any Burgundy nut. The bulk of […]

Banning salt in New York: the implications for restaurants

Interesting article in The Independent about the proposed bill to ban the use of salt in the kitchens of New York’s restaurants. The motivation? To reduce the salt consumption of the population. Why? Because it is too high, and some people think that this dietary salt intake could be contributing to diseases such as heart […]

Sweet wine season, 10: Royal Tokaji’s mythical Essencia

A mythical wine. So sweet it could hardly ferment at all, made from the free run juice from selected botrytized aszu berries. Drunk from a spoon, too.

The Royal Tokaji Company Essencia 2000 Tokaji, Hungary
2.9% alcohol, 620 g/litre residual sugar. Remarkable stuff, fermented and aged in glass jars for seven years, and not technically […]

More intelligent analysis from Liv-ex, 2009 Bordeaux and the billionaire index

Interesting blogpost here from Liv-ex in which they show an amazingly close correlation between the number of billionaires (according to Forbes’ rich list) and the Liv-ex 100 index of fine wine prices.

They are smart enough to realize that correlation does not equal causation, and point out that fine wine prices rising alongside billionaire numbers doesn’t mean […]

Sweet wine season, 9: Hidalgo Triana, an amazing PX sherry

This is amazing stuff. Totally mind-blowing. Very, very sweet and concentrated, but really complex, too.

Hidalgo Pedro Ximenez Triana VORS 30 Years Old Sherry
Amazing stuff: rich and intense with notes of treacle, tar, figs and raisins on the nose. The palate is viscous and intensely sweet with a lovely treacle and fig savouriness as well as […]

Two classy Spanish reds

I’m painfully aware that while I’ve focused in-depth on Portugal, I’ve  neglected Spain. I’m sorry about that. In an attempt to begin to redress this balance, here are two rather classy high-end Spanish reds, in rather different styles.

Numanthia Toro 2007 Spain
From ungrafted old vineyards of 50 years and older. 14.5% alcohol. Dense with sweet, ripe […]

Lambing live

Here in the Goode household we’ve been watching BBC2’s Lambing Live, a series of programs screened live, with some prerecorded material, at 8 pm every evening this week. It follows in the footsteps of Spring Watch and Autumn Watch, which followed a similar format, exploring Britain’s wildlife.

By coincidence, today Fiona and I visited a rural […]