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Monday, February 01, 2010

Fun with seals, crayfish and paua

Yesterday began with a bit of R&R - Tyson Stelzer, Joe Czerwinski, Oz Clarke and I had opted to go crayfish and paua (abalone) hunting on the rugged wairarapa coastline. So we set off at some unearthly hour and headed out for the sea.

It was too rough to actually go in the water, but fortunately the boys had brought along some crayfish and paua that they'd collected earlier, Blue Peter style. After we'd spent some time getting friendly with the local seal population, they got their stoves out and we had a really nice late breakfast, washed down with some nice wines.

Abalone was delicious, done two ways - as fritters, and sliced and fried. The crayfish was simply prepared but beautiful. Great fun.


At 9:27 PM, Blogger Angela Slade said...

Pls say a big hello to Joe Cz and Leslie Sb for me! Have fun and I'll follow along for updates. Wish I was there...
-Angela Slade


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