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Monday, October 19, 2009

Some crazily good beers from M&S

Marks & Spencer have recently launched a new range of beers. I tasted through a range of them with Sue Daniels of M&S, and I thought they were brilliant. I'm going to go and buy some. Here are my notes on the best, using my special 10-point beer scale! On this scale, 8 is brilliant and 9 is close to perfection.

Spanish Lager (from La Zaragozana Brewery)
4.99 for four bottles. 5% alcohol. Beautifully savoury, tangy, slightly herby. Lots of flavour here, and a hint of dimethylsulfide to add complexity. 8/10

Belgian Lager (Haacht Brewery)
4.99 for four bottles. 5% alcohol. Tangy, hoppy, nose. Warm herb and straw palate. Savoury and fresh with lovely depth of flavour. 8.5/10

Czech Lager (Bohemia Regent Brewery)
1.49, 5% alcohol. Really lovely warm aromatic nose: mealy, nutty, herby. The palate is dense and full with bold sooth textured fruit. Warm and rounded. 8/10

Belgian Wheat Beer (Huyghe Brewery)
1.99, 4.5% alcohol. Amazing fresh, floral, spicy nose with a coriander edge. Very intense, savoury palate yet it still tastes quite light and expressive. Complex. 8/10

Belgian Cherry Wheat Beer (Huyghe Brewery)
2.19, 3.5% alcohol. Cherry red colour. Crazy sweet cherry and almond nose. Lovely sweet intense cherry palate. Crazy stuff but utterly delicious with brilliant fruitiness. 8.5/10

Belgian Tripel Abbey Beer (Huyghe Brewery)
1.99, 9% alcohol. Golden colour. Very sweet, rich, intense nose with herbs and nuts. Rich texture. Almost wine-like with lovely bold honeyed flavours. 9/10

Staffordshire IPA (Marstons Brewery)
1.99, 5.5% alcohol. Really intense with lovely fresh hoppy characters. Rich and complex with lovely fresh citrus and herb flavours. 8/10

London Porter (Meantime Brewery)
1.99, 5.5% alcohol. Deep coloured, this is rich and chocolatey with bold, rich flavours. Slightly sweet fruity characters. Bold and more-ish. 8.5/10

Irish Stout (Carlow Brewing Company)
1.99, 4.5% alcohol. This is amazing. Brown/black colour with an intense roast coffee and chocolate character. Really intense and full with a hint of earthy bitterness on the palate. 9/10



At 10:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great label designs too.

Interesting how they can call a beer 'Italian Larger' and we all think we know what to expect because it will taste like that one in the red white and green.

Pity Britain lacks a recognisable global beer brand. Brilliant artisan ales aside, the only UK beer I ever see abroad is Newcie Brown. eurk!

At 8:58 AM, Anonymous Mark ONeill said...

Too true, it would be great to see goods beers and whisk(e)ys from the UK and Ireland available elsewhere globally.

Unfortunately its all down to distribution chains and marketing. The big players have the funds to do it, the smaller ones dont.

Its a shame.

At 4:15 PM, Blogger Will Wilson said...

Totally agree I love the yorkshire and sussex beers. I have reviewed them on steelwine my wine blog. please have alook! right off to the pub.

At 4:16 PM, Blogger Will Wilson said...

this is the link to my review! happy drinking


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