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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Recently on the main wineanorak site

  • Castell'in Villa: Chianti Classico, part 7 - some great wines with the Princess, who refuses to be photographed
  • Top wines from Waitrose: my selection of 43 serious wines from the most recent press tastings by this leading UK supermarket
  • Denbies: reviewing the wines from the UK's largest vineyard
  • Torii Mor: part 15 of the Oregon series
  • Landmark tutorial: session 1, regional classics - the start of my write-up of the remarkable Landmark Australia tutorial that explored Australia's fine wine dimension
  • James Millton: revisiting these amazing Kiwi wines, made by one of the new world pioneers of biodynamics
  • DDO: Drouhin's Oregon outpost
  • JP Fichet: amazing white Burgundies from this Meursault domaine, which I visited in June
Much more to come of course - I'm spending quite a bit of time developing the website at the moment.


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