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Friday, August 14, 2009

Get out your soda stream: bottled versus tap water

Was a guest on BBC Breakfast this morning. The subject? Tap versus bottled water. Bottled water is under fire for being environmentally questionable, and many people say it's unnecessary when we have good quality tap water. Sales of bottled water are falling.

We did a taste test on camera, with the two presenters and another guest. All four of us, blind, preferred the tap water at the BBC to an unnamed bottled water. It was quite funny, although not terribly scientific.

It made me think that I should try and locate our old soda stream. Then we'd be able to have sparkling tap water with dinner!


At 10:25 AM, Blogger Mike Tommasi said...


in Italy you can find many solutions that do exactly what you say, filtering tap water, and often with 3 options: ambient temperature, chilled, and chilled sparkling.

Go on google.it and search "gasatore acqua". Ine example: http://www.acquadirete.it/prodotti.htm

I am thinking of getting one, my family in Venice have one and it works very well.


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