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Friday, June 05, 2009

Day 5 at the Landmark, and some emotional wine

It has been one of the most remarkable wine weeks of my life. After all that had gone before, it was only appropriate that we should finish with two of the most remarkable wines I have ever tasted. James Godfrey from Seppeltsfield presented the final session on Fortifieds, and this started off well and just got better. The list of wines reads:

Morris Show Amontillado, Rutherglen
Seppeltsfield Museum Oloroso DP104, Rutherglen
Seppeltsfield 2005 Vintage, Barossa Valley
Seppeltsfield DP90 Rare Tawny, Barossa Valley
Grant Burge 30 year old Tawny, Barossa Valley
Penfolds Great Grandfather Series 1, Barossa Valley
Campbells Isabella Rare Topaque Muscadelle, Rutherglen
Seppeltsfield Paramount Rare Topaque Muscadelle, Rutherglen
Morris Old Premium Liqueur Topaque Muscadelle, Rutherglen
McWilliam's Show Reserve Muscat, Hunter
Morris Old Premium Liqueur Muscat, Rutherglen
Campbells Merchant Prince Rare Muscat, Rutherglen
Chambers Rare Muscadelle, Rutherglen
1928 Morris Liqueuer Muscat, Rutherglen
Seppeltsfield 1909 100 year old Para, Barossa Valley

The final three on this list were served blind as a separate flight. The Chambers was utterly remarkable. Then came the 1928 Morris Muscat. It was viscous - almost solid, and clearly very old. But when I tasted it I was profoundly moved. I felt quite emotional: this was one of the most incredibly complex and profound wines I've ever been lucky enough to taste. No spitting. Just awe. The room was hushed as clearly many others were similarly moved. As if that was not enough, the Seppeltsfield 1909 Para was also mindblowing: darker, more intense and with a huge weight of sweet and savoury complexity. I've never had two wines quite as amazing as these before, and next to each other, too! A great way to conclude a memorable week.

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At 12:51 PM, Blogger Warren EDWARDES said...

Sounds interesting. "A wish I was there blog".

Reminds me of Solera 1905 Pedro Ximenez PEREZ BARQUERO

Shouldn't these be labelled as Aperas?

At 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

not 'emotional'

At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Alex Lake said...

Interesting point. Imagine for a minute, if you will, a TN from the wine's POV....

Not a bad glass. I've heard of other bottles being poured into Paris goblets, but this Riedel stemware exhibits beautifully thin glass and I feel as though I'm being poured onto the choicest parts of the tongue.

Past the teeth - a bit stained, probably from some old Shiraz. Not attractive.

Tongue is in good nick with a lovely buccal cavity lining, modest levels of saliva with which I'm able to form some pretty impressive complexes.

This uvula's seen better days, but pink enough given the age of this taster. Throat is good and the swallow reflex kicks in nicely to push me down towards the cardiac sphincter with great speed.

Goodness what a stomach. There are some residues of rather fine wines in here - I'm getting really rather overcome here. Hey - there's great Uncle Seppeltsfield and isn't that young Chambers over there. I just can't take too much of this, I'm in pieces over all this. I just hope this guy's liver takes it easy on me...


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