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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Latest from the main wineanorak site...

The latest from the main part of the wineanorak site:
  • Visiting Bernard Magrez: part 1, La Tour Carnet - I begin my write up of a short visit to some of the Bordeaux properties of Bernard Magrez, who's on a mission to change the face of Bordeaux
  • Top 10 supermarket wines: a list of my top 10 inexpensive supermarket wines, something my non-wine geek friends have been asking for for ages
  • Top wines from SITT: a selection of gems from the recent SITT tasting
  • Inama: stunning wines from the Veneto revisited
  • Bethel Heights: part 7 of my Oregon series
  • Cheval des Andes: the second part of my Argentina series


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